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Karina Jo Martinez

Is an Artist, Reader, Reiki Practitioner and Entrepreneur

Falling in love with henna body art during my Sophomore year of college opened so many of the doors to my life now, including the awareness and belief that I have art worth sharing with the world. 

This door opened as I was going through a pretty strong mental break which led to a paradigm shift in how I wanted to prioritize my energy and time.

It is my dream to connect and help others tap into their desires through intention and I believe my art is just one of the ways I can help open the doors for those ready manifest and create their dreams.

Snaps from Halana's Fair 🔮💜 Henna is c

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Upcoming Events

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Located at:

761 Park Ave, Hot Springs, AR.

Book an in-person appointment for a private party or henna session or a distance energy session or reading.

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Sending my love,

Karina Jo

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