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During this time of the COVID-19 outbreak I have asked myself if there is anything I can do to help. 

I have noticed with everyone being home bound, that families and individuals may be yearning for more creative and stimulating ways to spend their time. 

On this new creative love page, I will share what I can to help at no cost to make sure everyone through these interesting times everyone has equal access.

If you find yourself benefiting from any of this and would like to send a blessing back, you may send it through the link below.

I'm sending my love.

Mom Coloring Page

FREE Creative Downloads

Cystal Wire-Wrapping Kit

(Please donate $4 to cover cost of shipping.)

20 Original Coloring Pages

Build your own mandala by mixing and matching these mandala elements!

Want a crystal kit sent your way?

Click on the PDF photo icon to download your creative goods!

Enjoy & remember how meditative these mandalas can be! 

I encourage you to set your own intentions while coloring, tracing or interacting with these mandalas! 

Thank you!

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