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Magic Goddess Activation


Welcome to the Magic Goddess Activation! We are allowing you inner divine magic to fully rise and blossom. In this activation, we are letting clarity be the fertile for your desires and dreams. This goes beyond manifestation basics, and dives into your soul, your power, your birthright, and reminders of what has been true for you this whole time. When stress rises, remember your power. When change is inevitable, remember your power, When a new dream arises, remember your power. When the memory of your magic and power become shaky, come back to these tools to remember exactly who you are and everything you bring to the table of this universe! This is for all faiths, all walks of life, all souls that are ready to embrace that magic within their divine feminine. This is your Magic Goddess Activation! Some of the magic modalities we will be embracing and bringing to the surface for you are: >Perspective & Manifestation Mindset >Faith >Intention >Energy Healing >Holding Space >Creation >Food >Intuition If you have desired a deeper understanding of these tools and where they empower you, dive in!



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From $33.00/month


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