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Ready to experience the magic & fuel of a
Monthly Energy Refresher

     Every month you will check in energetically and receive 

  • An energetic Intention Mandala

  • An Intuitive Tarot Reading

  • A half-hour of Reiki Energy

  • Save $111 Monthly!

This is the perfect way to feel where you are at in the present, re-align with goals, and energetically shed what hasn't been serving you over the past month. 

You deserve to be refreshed and ready to take on all of your intentions with full focus!

  • Monthly Refresher

    Every month
    A monthly subscription to receiving a henna, reading & Reiki
    • Intention Mandala
    • Intuitive Reading
    • Reiki Energy Work

Once you subscribe, you can self-book your three sessions every month for the time that serves you best!

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